Calacatta Marble Honed Collection

Calacatta Marble 3×6″ Subway Tile Honed & Polished

Calacatta Premium Italian Marble Chair rail Honed $22.50EA & Free Shipping

The Calacatta Gold collection grew over the weekend with some new honed products turning up.  This collection of premium Italian stone will be the highest quality white based gray and gold veining stone that Italy has to offer and we will take this premium product from its raw quarried form and create an incredible collection of tiles, subway tiles, mosaics and trims.  We import this directly ourselves and instead of then selling to a distributor who then doubles the price and sells to retail who then again doubles the price and sells to the consumer (200%+ markup) we will sell directly to the consumer.

Selling with the classic no frills marketing strategy that has come to be synonymous with we will finally make Calacatta affordable.  It will still be almost 2x the cost of Carrara as a raw material the blocks cost more than twice as much as Carrara – it is more difficult to get hold, few quarries simply being able to get the product is an accomplishment – but we have and not just tiles.

Currently in Stock:

  • Calacatta Honed 3×6″ Subway Tile $12.95SF
  • Calacatta Honed 2″ Hexagon Mosaic $21.95SF
  • Calacatta Honed 12″ Pencil Bullnose Trim $15.55EA (free ship)
  • Calacatta Honed 12″ Chair Rail Trim $22.50EA (free ship)
  • Calacatta Honed 4×12″ Skirting Base Trim $31.75EA (free ship)

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