Carrara Bianco 2" Hexagon Honed Mosaic | Out of Stock!

                                                                       Carrara 2″ Bianco Honed | SOLD OUT!
                                                                                       (Sorry) ETA June 15th
                                                                                  Polished in Stock $11.75SF

Carrara Bianco 2″ Hexagon  Honed has sold out (polished is in stock).  Please let us expain some of the process involved in creating a premium Italian marble mosaic.  It takes over a millenium for the stone to be created in the Carrara region of Italy.  It is then another seven to eight months to select and wait for the correct blocks to be excavated from the quarry.  Then we have to get enough of the perfect white base gray veining blocks so that when cut they fill a container.  The manufacturing time is four to eight weeks.  Then shipping takes another month.

The entire process (to find the perfect tiles) takes over twelve months.  Then we receive the product sell for a price that is clearly to low and it is sold out within a week of arriving.

Actually you can get a chinese copy remarkably quicker – but it does not look anywhere near as good.  The real McCoy (so to speak) takes twelve to sixteen months.  Our customers wait on backorder for three months.  Availability of a Carrara white base tile is also limited this leads to the additional wait time – a gray base, second quality is a lot quicker to process.

So when will this supreme product be back in stock – Back in stock June 15th 2011 – is it worth the wait?  The next best thing is from Ann Sacks for $50SF – most of our customers are saving between $2,000 and $10,000 – so yes.  I would wait.

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