Brushed, Hammered and Grooved Chevron and Hexagon.

Carrara Bianco Chevron

Finish available in Bianco Carrara Chevron above or 2″ Hexagon for $12.95 a Square Foot.

Brushed, Hammed and Grooved. This product has a serious amount of COF. Anti-Slip. The textures create the perfect anti slip surface.

I was looking for a product for my parents shower. I wanted something that they had a very low chance of slipping and falling. I needed to increase the level of friction. They wanted it in Hexagon so we added that as well.

We also added it to the Venato Collection:  Venato Chevron in Brushed, Hammed and Grooved and again in the 2″ Hexagon Brushed Hammered and Grooved.

Specsheet Multi-Finish

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