Shipping Overseas?

You have most likely reached this page having asked how to get our products to Australia, Europe or some country other than North America.  It is understandable, we offer products and prices than no one else in the world can match.  In 2013 we had customers from Perth to Sydney and from New Zealand to Denmark and of course the UK.  Buying in US dollars makes our prices attractive but the quality and choices even more so.

(Please note this blog was put together back in 2013, this update I am writing now is at the end of 2018. The Dollar value may have changed, the products will likely have changed. It now many be 2022.

It may not be marble you are considering it could be a vanity unit or Cement Tiles that we did not sell in 2013. Please just swap the word marble in the text for the product that is of interest to you. The