$17.95 A Square Foot Arabesque Glass Brilliant White

Brilliant WhiteBrilliant White Arabesque Mosaic $17.95 a Square Foot.

Another iPhone warehouse picture: The Brilliant white Arabesque Mosaic Tile and how white this product really is can be seen fully here.  It is an amazing look and backsplash design as this covers a square foot it is effectively half the price of the competition at $17.95 a Sheet which covers a Square Foot.  I am very proud of this product. Every one else makes it smaller, sells it for more. We have tried to cover everything a full square foot (just slightly over), Fused Back and 8mm thick for stability attached to a mesh for ease of installation.

We have checked every box a comparable $50.00 a Square Foot product ...

Ocean Gray Glass Beveled Arabesque

Ocean Gray Arabesque LogoSet to arrive in about 7 days, very excited this is Ocean Gray Glass Tile Arabesque. The market has been charging $25.00 a square foot for this.  We will have to run the numbers but as usual plan to come in around $17.00.  Well below any competition.  But just two colors. The white and the Ocean Gray. We purchased volume and that limits colors. But keeps costs low.