What if my order gets damaged?

There are really two possible types of damage (we cover this on our website in the shipping policy halfway down start in bold and red, but this really breaks it down with this post).  Also at the bottom of the home page under “Damage Policy”.

#1. The Extreme Damage Scenario

The freight company drops the crate of the back of the truck right in front of you.  If you are the 0.1% of people this happens to (and yes, it has happened) then you refuse the shipment.  We re-ship you a new order.

In most cases extreme damage happens at the receiving terminal, for example we are in GA and lets say you are in Dallas, TX.  When your order gets to the UPS terminal in Dallas they drop your shipment and it smashes the crate, UPS will call us to explain what has happened.  They say the shipment was dropped.  You will not even get to see it.  Accidents do happen.

In this scenario we simply re-ship another order.  We re-ship as soon as we hear it has been damaged. ...