Carrara from The Builder Depot = 100% Return on Investment

It is official – well HGTV seems to think so, remodeling with Cararra Venato or Carrara Bianco from The Builder Depot customers get a 100% return on the bathroom renovation.  Buying Carrara marble through us pays you!  For 70% off the retail cost plus the enjoyment of having a beautiful bathroom the return is well beyond 100%.  Want to add $20,000 to your net worth?  Read on.

Just the product for Carrara bathroom of this size (click here to see) will cost $10k+ at retail prices.  From The Builder Depot it will cost just $3,500.  Then you have the tub and sink and fixtures (we do not sell these) so add in another $10,000.  Then  add in labor, we will assume that is equal at $10,000 each and taxes covers the other $5,000.  This makes the cost of a Carrara marble bathroom from a local retailer at $35,000 (that is our quick math of how they got to $35K).

Purchased by one of our customers (and you know you can do better on installation and fixtures) would cost in total with labor and fixtures $15,500 (we have assumed you are e-commerce savvy and ordered your fixtures online as well).  Our customers pay half the cost of the traditional sales channels which is (bare with me it is lengthy) quarry or factory to> distributor to> sub-distributor to> retail store to> Contractor to> Consumer (you).  Our strategy is Quarry to> You.  See that, one step!  Savings passed onto you.

So if your home has dropped in value or simply treading water or perhaps you want a MORE THAN FREE BATHROOM (had to bold and italic that comment).  You can order from The Builder Depot and with out help on the product end up paying $15K and adding $35K to the price of your home.  You just earned $20,000.

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