Calacatta 1×3" Herringbone Honed Mosaic Tile and Free Shipping!

Calacatta Honed 1x3 Mosaic Tile

Italians finest. Then cut up into 1×3″ strips and installed on a mesh in a Herringbone format. Calacatta Herringbone Honed Mosaic Tile for $18.95 a Square Foot and Free Shipping for 2015.

As ever our pictures are taken as the pallets arrive from Italy. What you see is what you get. No photo studio just an iPhone and a picture. It is better this way. Transparency one of our key values.

Italian Calacatta Gold Marble Tiles – Honed and Polished

Italian Calacatta Tiles MarbleCalacatta Gold to be cut into 6×12″ Honed and 6×12″ Polished for $17.95 a Square Foot

Not a Great year for Calacatta field tiles. Out of stock on the polished 3×6″ for all of 2015 and 2×12″ polished. ¬†This is not because we could not buy Calacatta Gold, on the contrary we have refused almost 40 containers simply based on the quality and then what met with quality in early summer did not meet the price point we wanted for our customers. ¬†But it looks like we are on a roll (literally the tile moves along these rollers). On the plus side we have ...

Calacatta Gold Production in Italy – Polished and Honed

Calacatta Gold Tiles PolishedIt is nice to see the production of our Calacatta Marble 6×12″ Honed being made in Italy available for $17.95SF from The Builder Depot.

Our European office is always providing feedback and pictures of production from Italy and here you can see some Calacatta during the final stages of production.  The difference between us and any single tile and stone retailer, we have people in Europe.  This is vital with Italian production as they are on the same time zone, they can work together closely and keep the product to the standards we set and reject those blocks that does not meet our requirements.

Occasionally we can go through months without ...

$15.95SF Calacatta Gold 1×2" Polished Herringbone Mosaic Tile

Caalcatta 1x2 Polished

Calacatta Gold 1×2″ Polished Italian Marble Mosaic Tile available online for $15.95SF

Going through the warehouse again and lifting of the lids of the crates to see what is inside (this arrived May 28th 2015). This Calacatta Lot of 1×2″ Polished Mosaic Tile looks incredible. I like the white base of this Calacatta and it is not ‘too’ busy. ¬†Some people like really busy Calacatta Gold but that is not what we aim for. ¬†The price at this time (thru 2015) is $15.95 a Square Foot. ¬†We want character in the stone but not an overwhelming amount. ¬†This is lot 052814CG01 (you ...