Harlequin Black and White Checked Marble Floor

Harlequin Flooring

Carrara Venato 12×12″ Polished and Nero Marquina 12×12″ Polished.

Carrara marble from the The Builder Depot helps create the luxury of Harlequin marble flooring without the cost by ordering direct from the quarries. From European Palaces to our homes it exudes luxury that reflects the ever increasing value of our homes and the important position they have in our life capturing so many memories. That’s a bit blah, blah, blah content. Quite frankly this look has been amazing the heck out of people for literally centuries and still does today. Look at these floors… WOW!!!
Black and White Marble Flooring
One of the most well known Harlequin floors is that of the famous Grand Trianon at the Palace of Versailles. This is best known as King Louis XIV’s rural getaway is perhaps most closely associated with Queen Marie-Antoinette. When the King decided to replace the disintegrating porcelain tile in the Trianon, he upgraded to Carrara Marble and Nero Marquina ensuring that the floor tile would last well beyond his lifetime. (Bit more historical fluffy content).

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