Ty Breaker HGTV….. Cement Tile from The Builder Depot!

Handmade Encaustic Cement Tiles Medina Gray

This was actually a local designer Alexandra Bailey from www.alexandramia.com that contacted us to have our Cement Tile for a backsplash design. It is the HGTV show. Ty Breaker with Ty Pennington and the backslash looks fantastic.

That color on the cabinets is gorgeous. It came out looking great and the Cement Tile they used as of February 2021 $10.95 a Square Foot & Free Shipping (min order 40/SF) however they picked up from our warehouse and when I say warehouse I mean a 14 loading dock fast shipping, fast moving tile terminal.

That built in fridge.Wine cooler for me 🙂

Handmade Encaustic Cement Tiles Medina Gray

Here is the screenshot from the website page of the product used above can be found here: Click here.

We are the only Cement Tile company in America with a return policy and independent reviews. Other companies because they do not accept returns cannot have a review program as the customer who ends up with the wrong product would be upset. The “No return” policy is in small print. Hidden until you need it and then they will tell you it is in the ‘fine print’.


There we go… Logo use approved by HGTV.


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