Backsplash Perfection; Handmade Cement Tiles Laurent Gray

Handmade Cement Tiles Laurent GrayHandmade Encaustic Cement Tile backsplash. Pictured here: Laurent Gray

This picture appeared on Instagram from KD Concepts the number of pictures of room scenes backsplashes today that come via Instagram is amazing. It is a big morale boost. We send out boxes and pallets of tile, we have no idea where it is going or what the design plan is in most cases. Then you see an amazing installation like this. The grout line is perfect. It looks amazing.

We have a great collection of Cement Tiles and we can ship out within 24-48 hours. We are not a third party that brokers or ships from another warehouse. Everything is managed in-house. That makes quality control easier for us.

With one of the largest inventories of Cement Tile in the USA. You can buy online and save here.

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