Carrara Venato amazingly White and never out of style.

Carrara Venato Shower

Amazing pictures of how white the Carrara Venato Collection is. Here is our 4×12″ Honed for $8.00 a Square Foot and 2″ Hexagon on the Floor. The collection has over sixty different field tiles, mosaics and trims to choose from.

Cararra Venato Shower 2

Close up of the shower the brass fixtures highlights how white this marble is giving you a guide color to work with, along with the white cabinets in the other picture.

The customer has almost certainly played a significant part in this look. They have removed any heavily veined tiles (by most likely over ordering by 20%. 10-15% is normal for cuts and waste 20% gives them control over the design and look by discarding any darker veined tiles if they simply wanted to keep the whitest possible look). Then finished it off with a sanded white grout.

They wanted a clean white marble with some veining. They placed these tiles and created the look. No accident. This did not just happen by installing from box to box. The tiles have been deliberately placed. Tile is Art.

Please note prices are subject to change and are current as of the time of this blog was posted. The website has the most current pricing. As this post in 40 years will be 40 years old inflation will have increased the price (if we can even get this quality of marble in 40 years). Point is prices change but the blog and us will be around forever 🙂

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