Cement Tile Fireplace. Just Love a Before and After!!

Before Fireplace

BEFORE: from https://www.instagram.com/flip_socal/?hl=en (great images on the IG page).

After Fireplace

AFTER: With our Medina Gray Cement Tile. $10.95 a Square Foot & Free Shipping! It is the industries lowest price. The most available inventory stocked in the USA. Ships out second day. Ships out in 1-2 Business Days and Finally the Cement Tiles only Google Trusted Store.

Medina Gray Cement Tile

Exceptional Quality of Cement Tile. Crisp edges. While we have significantly improvement supply chain over all our competitors as they pay 3rd Party warehouses a huge percentage of their profits. We are able to invest in the quality of the product and bringing that quality to our customers at the lowest price. It really upsets the competition. We have the angry letters to prove it 🙂

Atlas Gray Cement Tile

Amazing prices. One caveat…. minimum order 40 square feet. But that could be mixed. If could be 30 square feet of marble mosaic along with 10 square feet of Cement Tile. It could be 20 square Feet of one color of Cement Tile and 20 Square Feet of another. All we are looking for is weight. Weight so when we ship this on a pallet. The pallet cannot move in transit, it cannot shift less risk…. significantly less risk of damaging the product. We are on the same team we just have UPS in the middle of us.

Great installation video: Here.

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