Carrara Pietra Hexagon Mosaic Tile $9.45 a Square Foot

Carrara Hexagon in the Box

Pietra Carrara Hexagon $9.45 a Square Foot & Free Shipping. Part of the Pietra Carrara Collection.

A customer ordered 150/SF. Before shipping orders we like to check the product. Actually as soon as we receive the containers and get the pallets off we like to open up the box. It is a nerve racking moment. In our business model there are no payment terms. We have paid for this, we own what is inside the pallet. It is not a product paid on terms. (Of course if it is terrible they will not be getting orders of hundreds of more containers – so the system works, it has been working for nearly two decades, we are in a good position. With both companies saving money and passing that onto our customers).

When we opened this we were to say the least, very, very impressed. The veining looks great really clear. I love the variation between the pieces of the 2″ Hexagon, which is what we are looking for with this collection. It is not Venato it is its stronger variation cousin.

This collection ‘Pietra’ we are looking for more “activity” in the stone, stronger veining, more variation and so on.

Pietra Carrara 2x2" Hexagon Mosaic TileFor the customer buying this lot, to get an even better idea, I took sheets out of random boxes and you can see how well it goes together. A really great lot. The picture was approved and the 150 Square Feet shipped the very same day. Technology has come on such a long way.

Boutique retailers do not stock product, their display boards can be decades or years old, essentially out of date. For our business we can snap pictures of the very lots that will be shipping then email onto the customer. It allows us to carry over a million square feet of just Carrara. Ensuring if a customer finds us and needs Carrara, there is no company that offers so many lots. So many lots that are in stock. Choices. With 5 acres of a company owned location in Alpharetta, GA and 15 loading docks.  We have come a long way, but always learning.

Pietra Carrara is one of the most consistent lines I have seen. I kept a box we had made at the beginning of 2017 and compared it to product coming into the warehouse today and there is no change. It is remarkable.

Customer Review

I decided to finish these lovely Carrara Pietra 2″ Hexagon pictures with a review. There are many more (hundreds and hundreds of them) that can be seen here. This one talks about Ben. He works so hard for every customer. Never selling, just providing pictures or facts. The decision to buy is the consumers. But if we do our work right with the quality, price and service the purchase part should be relatively easy. A good bathroom remodel adds value to a home. Buy the products for a fraction of the price and you can add significantly to your homes resale value.

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