Statuario an Exceptional Italian Marble

Pallet of Statuary Hexagon

Pallet arrives…. open pallet and very impressive quality! Even equipped with a simple out of date iPhone in a warehouse with terrible lighting (this is no professional photography). The product still looks exceptional.

Pallet of Statuary Pennyround

Penny rounds (these are 25mm or 1″) the second pallet of Statuario arrives, opened and pictured. I do get asked why not get these pictures professionally photographed? The answer…. I like the raw nature of simple pictures. A simple iPhone. I don’t want filtered, adjusted or photoshopped images. We do not want the customer to pay this marketing cost either. It should simply be what it is. A picture with a phone works. For us; we call this “No frills marketing” and those savings are passed onto the end user.

Staturaio 2 Hexagon box

Staturaio Pennyround box

Setting aside the impressive nature of Statuario as one of the very best in natural stone marble products in the world. Penny rounds just impress me. The way the circles are cut so accurately.

What I also have found interesting over the last two decades in this industry is the price and value it adds to your home will never go backwards. This product will not cost less in five years than it does today. There are few products over the last two decades that you can say that about. It is an asset class in its own right. It is a finite resource. Manmade products change in value and over history are subject to ‘trends’ and mass production. Whereas Natural Stone has been popular for thousands of years and will continue to be the pinnacle of luxury. For those that want to wake up to a five star hotel bathroom every morning this is a step in that direction 🙂

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