Carrara Venato with Bardiglio Gray for a Softer take on the Harlequin

Bardilgio Gray Marble Harlequin

Perfectly installed and designed By Valerie Wheeler and it is called on her blog an English Kitchen Reveal

Bardiglio Gray Marble Sold here. Carrara Venato for the Bright white look to best enhance the room sold here.

Historically the Gray and White Harlequin is found in Europe South of the Italian Alps and the North is predominantly black and white. This is simply Geography. The Bardglio Gray used here and sold online at The Builder Depot is from Italy. The black Tile is Nero Marquina from Spain.

The Gray and white is subtle easy-on-the-eye look. The very best thing is that even when you go into Buildings in Europe that are over 500 years old with this floor, it still looks great. Therefore you never have to worry about remodeling in your lifetime! This is not a floor that will go out of fashion because it is steeped in so much history.



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