Quality high. Keeping prices Low.

Gray Dot Basketweave and 4x8 Tile

Carrara Venato 4×8″ Honed Subway Tile $10.95SF • Honed Gray Dot Basketweave Mosaic Tile $12.95

Product put together on the warehouse floor and just with an iPhone I can show how well this collection goes together. No excessive cost and marketing frills needed here. Simple low cost.

I have have matched the pencil, baseboard, subway tile, mosaic and chair rail. Not easy. 99% of companies blind ship. They do not look in the box.

The competition has third parties packing the order that have zero interest in products matching or even how well they go together. I understand this is a hard job. They just need to get the orders packed so they can finish their time on the clock and go home. The retention rate in most tile warehouse jobs is terrible. (Most of these are easy to spot…. you will never see a picture of their warehouse because they do not have one).

We operate a different business model. We have an interest in the products we sell. The people packing orders are skilled. We do not sell products we do not like. We are a partner in the process with our customers. We do not simply want to just “ship” or just “take an order” in fact if we think or if we believe it is not going to be a good match for you we would rather not ship the order. We are not interested in shipping massive volumes just getting one order right at a time.

This is not a robotic e-commerce platform. It is engaging and thinking. We may not have the most expensive photography (this is just me in a warehouse with an iPhone) there is little cost wasted here. No cost we has to be added to the end user. It is a “No frills marketing strategy” we are keeping it simple to keep the quality high and prices low.

Carrara Venato Gray Dot Basketweave

Honed Gray Dot Basketweave Mosaic Tile $12.95

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