The look of Carrara Venato

Carrara Venato Tile

It is still my favorite look even after two decades ago since we introduced it. Carrara Venato. Amazingly it started out with just six products and has grown to over sixty.

Times have changed and I would consider the 4×12″ Carrara Venato Honed for $8.00 a Square Foot over the 3×6″ today. The 3×6″ is still such a timeless classic. I do love a 3×6″ Carrara Venato Honed Subway Tile.

You can see the way the tile is designed. Some of the tiles are just plain blank. Absolutely white. This is intentional. It is so the look is not as busy as some marble tiled walls. Sure there are tiles with veining but when we created this look over a decade ago and laid this out with the quarry, explaining we want white, plain white tile mixed in with tiles with veining. Not all veining they were confused. After some language barriers and explaining. We ended up with a collection that I would want on my wall.

The end result was a softer appearance. Something pretty special. That became the standard. We created a huge 20FT x 10FT concept board and that is the standard we have stuck to for over a decade. You can look back at room scenes over the years as you scroll through this room scenes section and you can see how consistent we have managed to keep the look. Not easy.

We know this will not last forever. It is a natural product. The quarry will eventually be exhausted. For those customers who are fortunate enough they really do get a spectacular backsplash or bathroom. With the whitest base marble I have ever seen. White bathrooms will always be popular.

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