Zombie House Hunters on A&E with our 1×3″ Stacked Nero

Polished 2x12 Nero Marquina

This is actually our stacked 2×12″ Polished Nero Marquina on a mesh. It is a versatile product but maximizes value by selling it in a stacked format available in Honed and Polished. Here in polished for $10.95 a Square Foot. Part of the largest Nero Marquina stocked collection in the USA.

Nero Marquina has become popular. It is far superior to China Black which as China Black falls apart even in a 12×12″ format (turn over any piece in a big box it is all glued on the back). It cannot be made into mosaics. It just crumbles. This can be cut into Penny rounds, Hexagon. It is a strong marble.

The versatility of this format stacked format once cut up is amazing it can be installed in a brick, stacked (no need to cut), turned on it side (again no need to cut) and installed (you can see that on our IG page) and like this a Herringbone. We have seen this a lot installed in Herringbone format, if you buy a 2×12″ Herringbone on a mesh you will get 4 pieces for $20.00 a Square Foot. But in a stacked format you get a whole square foot of the stone, the value is significant!

Honed looks really nice on the floor.

It wasn’t a big surprise when Ashlee of Blueprint real estate the company that is Zombie House Flippers called us for some of our Nero Marquina the only company with the stock to support the project.

Zombie House Flip

Zombie House Flipping with A&E. Ashlee decided our 1×3″ Nero would be perfect for a master bathroom in Season 3 Episode 4 of the show the episode called Water Logged Cabin.

Waterlogged Cabin Before shot

The classic “Before” you can see this on A&E online.

Nero Marquina 1x3 Honed

The classic after of our 1×3″ Nero Marquina Honed. Just $11.95 a Square Foot! Here.

Zombie 1x3 Honed

The vanity. The entire home looks great. It is a great way to see our products. With over a decade in business. Yes we are part of creating that perfect DIY Network, HGTV and now the A&E look. So if you are looking for your favorite shows tile. That would be us. A hidden secret supply to your favorite Home Improvement Shows 🙂

(Prices subject to change – valid thru 2019)


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