Carrara, Cement Tile. Incredible. The Never ending Trend!

Carrara 4x12" and Arabesque

Carrara 4×12″ $8.00 a Sq.Ft. and Arabesque Tile framed backsplash with Venato Pencil.

The never ending trend of Cement Tile has been going on since 900AD. That is some proven record of product success. Without a doubt and still many tiles visible from there renascence in 1215 throughout Europe. Now in hundreds of years they may be finding them in homes in the USA. So yes it is durable. It will outlive you and me.

Now we can supply the most spectacular tile at incredible prices. But that means nothing without design, vision and the skills of the designer, here you can see the post on Instagram here.

Atlas Black Cement Tile

Medina Black Cement Tile $10.95 Sq.Ft. and Free Shipping. Looks incredible added to this kitchen. You heard me correct. Atlas Black Cement Tile. What vision this young couple had. I am not sure I could have come up with Cement Tile in front of my counter. But it works really well. They have certainly added value to their home and created a WOW! Factor when it comes to selling it.

Prices are Subject to change. To lock in prices for 30 days you can order a sample. That will hold the price point at 30 days. But are relevant until end of March 2019 (that we know).

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