Medina Gray $12.95 Square Foot & Free Shipping (for 2019) Cement Tiles

Atlas Gray Mud Room

$10.95 a Square Foot and Free Shipping. Handmade Encaustic Cement Tile.

Medina Gray and friends. This is a really great product it is just a question of how much you want to pay for it. Handmade Encaustic Cement Tile is Handmade Encaustic Cement Tile. Just like the same standard Ford Explorer XL (with same thingys) is the  same standard Ford Explorer XL (with the same thingys) assume both have the same milage.

There is absolutely no difference both are black. Interior the same. Just one will cost you $7.00 a Tile (it will be priced by the tile and will not have a return policy i.e. all sales are final it will say) and to work our the square foot price you have to multiply the $7.00 x 2.25 = $15.75 a Square Foot is the price of the product then they will charge you shipping.

Or you can pay $10.95 and Free Shipping. It is like driving to the other side of the street to pay $5.00 for a Gallon of Gas instead of $3.00. Why would anyone do that. There is no reason to give money away for free.

We love charity. In fact we have a scholarship program. If anyone feels the need to pay more please do. But please designate that additional money to the scholarship fund, lets help people not just make inefficient business models work by funding their inefficiencies. They are outdated and do not belong in this or the next decade (sorry). Saving people money, that belongs in every decade. We can help a lot more people, save our customers a lot more money and help our community a lot more. We do more with less. That is what we do.

Atlas Gray Cement Tile

The page on the website to the product you can click the page above or here to go to the product. More Info.

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