Beautiful Carrara Bianco Shower with 4×12″ Herringbone.

Carrara Bianco Herringbone Shower

Carrara Bianco 4×12″ Honed $8.00/SF (arranged in a Herringbone format – no easy task!) and Bianco 2″ Hexagon Honed $11.75/SF.

Credit where credit is due… In no particular order to the mountain of Carrara Italy, thank you for your wonderful marble. To #flippinwendy who designed this and will no doubt flip this 🙂 and to Stephanie from Lifecreated (I wish I knew such a talented photographer, it has been ten years with this blog and website and I am still with an iPhone which fortunately has been around for the same period of time.)

Let’s just mention the “Brass Fixtures” Stunning, really goes well with the Italian Carrara Bianco.

Carrara Bianco 4x12

Continuing the 4×12″ Honed around as a wainscoting.

Bianco 4x12

Bathroom Complete

Finally here we have a great picture showing the entire bathroom. Remarkable. Love the door color!

Update: Not saying the tile was the reason. It may have helped, I am sure having “Italian Marble Shower” as a house sales feature is helpful, this house (flip) sold in one day of listing.

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