Amazing Large Format Arabesque Backsplash

Arabesque TilesGloss Arabesque Tile available on a Mesh for $10.95 a Square Foot & Free Shipping for 2016.

Beveled Whisper White Arabesque in Gloss and Matte has been available on the market for some time. However was the first company in the world to offer the product on a mesh.

It is our job as a business to think further than the sale of the product but also the ease of installation. Which we hope lowers the overall cost. It should be quicker to install and time is money. We look for value in every part of a products journey, value all the way through the chain even to the completion of the entire project.

Then we decided to remove the bevel. Offer a simply flat version. It creates a simple sophisticated look as you see in the room scene above. The larger format Arabesque is an amazing replacement for 3×6″ Subway Tile as there are eight pieces to a Square Foot very much in the same way as there are eight pieces to a Square Foot of 3×6″. The traditional backsplash product.

Without a Bevel Arabesque

Not content with offering our customers with a completely new arabesque product with a Gloss finish and putting it on a mesh to reduce installation costs we also added it in a Matte finish (or honed). The Builder Depot has the largest Arabesque collection available in the world here. We just love Arabesque. The shape, the design it is just so unique.

Flat Large Arabesque Dark Grout

Dark grout creates more of a Challenge to work with as you have to be quicker on the clean up. However installed by a professional creates and I think you would agree quite a different look by simply changing the grout color.

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