Nero Marquina Honed 2×2″ Hexagon Mosaic Tile for $11.45 a Sq.Ft.

Nero 2x2" Hexagon Mosaic

Nero Marquina Honed Hexagon $11.45 a Square Foot and also available in Polished a 3″ and a 5″ Hexagon as part of our Nero Marquina Collection. We do like the look of the Honed.

The advantage of the Spanish black marble over the China Black is it is just more subtle with the veining. China Black looks like someone took a white marker to a black tile. Whereas the original Spanish Nero Marquina black marble has a more elegant timeless look. It has just the right amount of veining. Prices valid thru 2016.

Most likely your installer will not believe you can buy Nero Marquina 2″ Hexagon for $11.45 a Square Foot or ‘C’ Grade Italian Marble 6×12″ Honed or Polished for $8.00 a Square Foot. You could also ask him if he understands what “vertical integration of a supply chain means?” If he gives you a blank look…… then that would justify his skepticism. As he or she has been buying the same way for most likely decades and to find out now he could have been paying 50% or more less is a crushing blow.

The third review by one of our customers explains it best. If that fails (or the hundreds of other Google Trusted Store reviews) we have a video for the installer to watch. Here. Many of our customers installers turn into wonderful long term new accounts.


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