Carrara Venato 1×3″ Polished Mosaic Tile

Carrara Venato Polished Mosaic

Love the Range (that has a lot of burners!). And the backsplash. Carrara Venato 1×3″ Herringbone Polished for $11.45 a Sq.Ft (wish I had a before picture to show everyone).

What a lovely mosaic. I do like the 1×3 over the 1×2 I have no idea why, I just prefer it. Perhaps that is why so many people are going with the 4×12″ we have gone over to multiples of three and we like it. It looks good. Even to us non-design people that cannot describe why it looks good. It just does.

It is not just the incredible price of $11.45 a Square Foot. It is the warehouse shipping speed. Ships on average in 1-2 Business Days. Have you talked to retailers? They talk about 1-2 weeks if you are lucky. Many are 3-4 weeks. They must be making it to order. Very strange way of doing business.

Poor consumers had to accept it and the fifty dollar plus a square foot price tags. For decades companies ran organized monopoly’s in regionalized territories with set price lists by the distributor and were told which states they could sell in and which states they could not. All to ensure no competition. Incredible. Price fixing. Not even slightly close to a free market. Of course the introduction of the internet changed everything.

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