Incredible installation work…. I can say no more!


This is Carrara Venato 3×6″ Subway Tile $7.00 a Square Foot.

This installation really pulls together exactly what we had in mind over a decade ago. Bianco had become very Gray in 2006 and the veining was not clear. What product was available was very, very, very busy. Giving a look that did just not look “Fresh” or “Clean”. So we worked with Italy and other quarries to invest in a warehouse and factory operation that took veined blocks and mixed it with blanks blocks. Just plain blocks nothing on them blank white marble tiles. Practically worthless on their own.

On their own these plain white tiles were boring and achieved nothing. Equally with every tile having massive amounts of veining it looked a mess of busy activity in 2006 just too busy. But mixed with just the correct amount of veining and blanks……..  Wow!!

Wow! We had a collection that no one else in the world had. And so over a decade we worked to perfected it. Carrara Venato is a huge collection of over 80 matching products a Flagship of our Business, allowing us to sell Bianco Carrara Premium ‘C’ Grade alongside another option.

Carrara Venato matches so incredibly well, you can have 3×6″, 4×12″ 12×24″ on the floor and walls, chair rail, pencil and a Basketweave, Hexagon, Herringbone or Arabesque of your choice as an insert or a floor tile. Just take a look at the Venato images on our blog here. The goal…. The goal was to allow fellow natural stone fans, to go online order and order knowing that what would be delivered would match.  That the base color would be uniform. What would be delivered would be what we wanted to be delivered to our families homes our parents (we are a young by age company but led by seasoned executive advisors from all over the world).

Carrara Venato: “A product of exceptional value and quality. Today millions of square feet are shipped and this collection is a Trademarked product exclusive to The Builder Depot”.

What was once a fill in for that “Gray Carrara Time, which has long passed” has by it’s own right become one of the most popular white marble collections in the USA featuring in more magazines than we can list.

It is still not perfect, it is of course “Natural” it takes mixing, it takes planning as you do not want blanks on one side and veining on the other. But correctly planned by a professional installer aided by a very careful consumer and you have a bathroom like no other.


Great use of space for this shower.

Bianco with Gray Strips Basketweave

The Flooring is the Bianco Hexagon with Bardiglio Gray strip for $12.95 a Square Foot. The edging is the 1×12″ border from the Bardiglio Collection. Already cut and 10mm thick for ease of install and perfect for the edging and then 4×12″ run along the edge of that “Just Brilliant”. Considering we have thousands of products this customer must have spent hours looking over our website and planning this masterpiece. This bathroom is just one of three, that we will show over July. Incredible work.

At The Builder Depot we can match, cut and get the tile perfectly wrapped on a crate our Google Trusted Store rating and reviews back us up, we are good at what we do.

We hand it over to UPS not the cheapest but reliable and a company you want showing up at your home, we do not want some small trucker without insurance shipping our marble to our customers we care to much, we are not going to try and save $70.00 and risk, well… anything! It has already taken us considerable work to get it just to the “Shipping Phase”.

Once it arrives. It is over to the customer. It is your turn. In IMHO you cannot save money on installation of marble. You can either have it done correctly by a qualified person from the Marble Institute of America, look up your installer with the National Tile Contractors Association (ensure he is skilled in natural stone) you cannot save another $2-3 a Square Foot by hiring a ceramic installer. It just will not work. They do not understand how to install Natural Stone, the Sealing, the cure time and a host of other factors. Take a look at our FAQ’s top mistakes made by others, this customer made none, but it is good to know here.

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