Beveled Whisper White Arabesque Tiles

Whisper White Beveled Arabesque TileBeveled Whisper White Arabesque Tile $10.95 a Square Foot and Free Shipping. Currently, subject to change or whatever legal info is put here so in 10 years if it has gone up 20 cents no one will be too upset 🙂

Whisper White Beveled Arabesque Tiles

Beveled Whisper White Arabesque Tile Kitchen Backsplash.

Beveled Arabesque Kitchen

Incredible Looking Kitchen with Arabesque Tile.

Beveled whisper white Arabesque Tile is $10.95 a Square Foot available online from The Builder Depot. It is a product that is still relatively new to the market so prices are high and then reasonable with other suppliers.

My advice is to order samples from online or any retailer you intend to buy from and compare. Comparisons are essential so then you know it is apples to apples. Checking other retailers we have found prices from $40.00 a Square Foot to $25.00 a Square Foot.

Beveled just looks incredible in Arabesque. Everything seems to look a little better with a bevel. I am sure by the end of 2017 we will have beveled everything from 6×12″ to 8×16″.

Beveled Arabesque on a Mesh

Specification sheet of the Beveled Arabesque on a Mesh

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