Carrara Bianco Marble Tile 12×24″ Honed

Bianco 8x16%22 Coming down the production line

Carrara Bianco ‘C’ Grade (as we sell nothing else in our Carrara Bianco Collection) coming down the production line this is 8×16″ Honed $8.95 a Square Foot currently in Italy.

Carrara Bianco 12x24

This is Carrara Bianco ‘C’ Grade 12×24 Honed sitting now in Alpharetta, GA. This is shipping out today one hundred and ninety square feet.

An interesting view of one in production and another shipping out.

The Carrara Bianco ‘C’ Grade 12×24″ Honed $9.95 a Square Feet also available in Polished.  Buying online is still not for everyone and works well when we work together as outlined here below about us (they simply read about the product and mistakes made by others in our learning center Top 10 Mistakes made by others.). This customer purchased an incredible lot while working with us, sending pictures prior to shipping. Hopefully they will send pictures back once the job is complete. This product is part of the largest collection of 100% Italian Marble ever assembled with over 2 million square feet in stock in Georgia. The Bianco Collection is online here.


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