Carrara 2×4″ Bianco Honed Beveled Arrives (New Product)

Bianco 2x4 Beveled HonedBeveled 2×4″ Honed Bianco Carrara (100% Italian Marble) attached to a Mesh $9.50 a Square Foot.

As it looks good sitting at the back of the warehouse and only the lighting inside to show it, I know it will look good at the front with the dock door opened up, just wish there was not so much humidity today (never mind).  I will have to take it out of the pallet and box, lay it out to get a better understanding of how it looks. Which I have done so below:

Bianco 2x4 Beveled Mosaic Tile

A whole lot better. Laid the box out at the end of the loading dock. On one of our famous matts that pictures are taken on. You can see the marble behind and in the box. It is consistent in base and appearance. This is the honed version. Polished the veining would stand out with more clarity or you could add a semi-gloss sealer to the honed or enhancer to bring out more of the veining.

I do like the Beveled it is very tactile. Almost demands that you run your hands over it. Venato is another option beveled and you can see a blog of that installed here along with 2×4″ we also have 3×6″ Beveled. Beveled is becoming increasingly popular, so much so we have a beveled section now here.

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