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The Builder Depot new Location

The loading docks of our new location. Expanding from our current three to fifteen. It will be ready this year. It will be the largest privately owned single business building unit in our area (probably North, GA, possible GA) since the financial collapse of 2008. It is exciting from a growth perspective and for job growth in the area.

The majority of $100m+ e-commerce company and those even bigger 3PL their operations (outsource it, use a 3rd party) A 3rd part logistics center miles from where the people on the phone you are talking to actually are.

We considered this for about 3 seconds. Then decided that plan is nonsense. For the consumer to get the best. Then we need the people that they are talking with to be able to touch, see and take iPhone pictures in seconds of the product. Not shipped from a warehouse where the people packing have no idea or knowledge of the product. Companies operating this system are fairly easy to spot, they are Google Rated (like ours). Those operating through a 3PL or third party shipper are not Google rated. As they have too many errors, they cannot control the shipping themselves.  It is all about control. The customer is talking to the person who is looking at their product. Packing it, shipping it. Checking it.

Will there still be the odd error, of course. We are human. But there will be significantly less and any mistakes we make we fix ASAP!

The Builder Depot

It will allow each product collection to be grouped by dock. This is just a fulfillment center. It is fed by a location in Atlanta that holds millions of square feet and then ships every day up to Alpharetta to be sorted, pictured arranged and packed carefully for your shipment out. How does the pallet look? See FAQ#18 for pictures.

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