Venato Carrara 6×12" Tile Bathroom $8.00 a Square Foot

Venato 6x12 Subway TileFirstly thank you to a customer for sending these pictures in! Installed in this picture is Carrara Venato 6×12″ Subway Tile $8.00SF Honed used on the wall.  You have to ensure to plan out the look. Get the variation right so the veining is mixed with blank tiles. The customer and the installer, Kaltin Construction of Naples, FL, worked closely together to perfect this look.

Venato 6x12%22 and Venato 1x3%22The bathroom followed into the shower with the same format. Carrara Venato Honed 6×12″ Subway Tile $8.00 a Square Foot on the wall and Venato Herringbone mesh mosaic 1×3″ $11.45 a Square Foot on the floor (all prices valid thru June 2016).  The mosaic on a shower floor is smart. Grout increases traction creating a wonderful anti-slip surface.

Carrara Venato is a trademarked exclusive product only sold one way through  The Venato collection of 200 Mosaics, Field Tiles and Trims all priced at incredible value considering we are the ones who own it and the trademark.

The 6x12%22 cut into 3x12%22This customer wanted their own creation and worked directly with who assuming your order meets the minimum order requirement of 250SF has become the master of helping customers make any size you need.  We have have it cut, but need volume to make the whole process worth it, we even put the micro-bevel back on the tile, this is not a simple contractor “chop in half”, job this is a factory finish.

For this particular customer they wanted 3×12″ Herringbone on the floor. This was cut from 6×12″ there is waste, cost of cut and shipping, moving product around to the saws and blades. But still at $8.00SF for the 6×12″ Honed which is an excellent price for this marble, they came out at around $12.00 a Square foot for 3×12″ Herringbone floor tile and it looks, well…. incredible.

Everyone in the chain from block selection, to Ben taking pictures and working directly with the customer, to the installer and then the customer being involved during installation created this masterpiece.  When they explain the price of this bathroom and installation, tub, etc was all under $15K, no one can believe it and why would you. This customer probably added $20K to the value of their home, maybe more . Effectively they were paid $5K to have a new bathroom. Happy New Year for them!

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