Pictures from the Italian Factory

6x18%22 polished field TileNew pictures from the factory sent over from our European office on Friday 18th of December as they are closing for Christmas. This will ship out over the weekend of the 19th and 20th of December. Italy closes two weeks for Christmas.

This is 6×18″ Bianco Carrara you can see coming down the production line.  It is then loaded shipped and made available online in 6×18″ Honed and Polished. Also in the same quality is 6×12″ Honed at $8.00 a Square Foot  Honed in Polished.

It was this quality of 6×12″ at just $8.00 a Square Foot from our Bianco Carrara Collection that the DIY Network used. (This is ‘C’ Grade Italian Marble the best Italy has and we select it, cut it up. Ship it direct to our warehouse and then to you).  This is the exact same quarry and quality that was used for an episode in the DIY network in “I hate my Bath“. Back then (2011) they actually paid for the product and we have managed to keep the price point the same and quality the same for over half a decade.

DIY Network like everyone else (actually Magnetic Productions is the company at the time behind the creation of this based in Minnesota at the time, and believe they still are, so they are who you need to get hold of for a renovation, keep an eye on casting calls).

We dealt directly with the executive producer who ordered it online. For a 200SF job they ordered 280SF. They well and truly over order. They have a camera and timeline that cannot be messed up by under ordering that would be a disaster.  The product cost is irrelevant to all the installers and people onsite.


This is the same factory that produced product shown on “I hate my Bath” we have been selling it since 2003. The episode in question was in 2011. For is the point is; we have been around for a long time selling premium Italian marble. It is simple why we are around, have grown and offer incredible quality that retailers cannot match and just became a Google trusted store as of Friday 18th December (I just put this in this post because I am pleased for the company, for us it is a massive piece of impressive info we join the only 1,314 companies to be awarded this and will do a press release for it in 2015 it is part of a new $100K website launch).

We buy millions of square feet of just Carrara a year for cash, so no terms, no debt, so no debt factoring by the factory (which adds 4% cost), cash paid by use ensures we get the very best every time.

Most retailers (99%) cannot buy direct from Italy as they cannot afford the 5 containers.  You have to pay in Euros and then where do you put it, so they have to buy from a company like ours or there are 2-3 other options but huge markups as you now have a middleman who knows the poor retailer has no choice.

He will have to go with the lower quality CD grade to compete as there is no choice the middleman creates an extra step to compete on price they have to lower the quality. That is the the only option I can think of for them. Go for the lower grade. In 2016 we will provide that option as well. When a customer emails with a picture of 12×12″ for $6.00 a Square Foot, we can say and that CD grade, we will match it or lower, but this will not be in our “Bianco Carrara” range. Just under clearance.  Our Bianco Carrara will always remain a collection of over 100 Field Tiles, Mosaics and Trims and incredible collection of over one million square feet at premium grade.

We have little interest in this type of business. We want to create beautiful bathrooms, bathrooms people blog about like this or send us pictures for room scenes. People looking for a deals are flippers, or a different type of customer. Some do not understand there is a difference, some are looking to add value to the home. Most we have found are not planning to live or look at this bathroom for 5 or 20 years, they are remodeling to sell. We will offer a solution to them as well.

But it is time to offer clarity, we will create huge layouts of CD grade and C Grade so the customer can really see the difference as not all marble is create equal.

For us we ship it direct to our warehouse and direct to you. No middlemen and huge economies of scale passed onto you. It is like you are yourself buying from Italy and you are as we have offices in Europe. You are just one step removed! We sell our best price, no coupons, no deals. The same price to everyone. Retailer, contractor or consumer and we ship nationwide. We shipped in 2015 with 99.8% accuracy and within 1-2 business days on every order.

6x18%22 Field Tiles

This is Carrara Bianco 8×16″ Marble Tile $9.95SF Polished also available in 12×24″ for $9.95SF Honed and Polished. Large tiles less grout! Less work! Bianco Carrara large format collection.

A large blog, 865 words. We do not have copywriters we have spell check 🙂 so there will be grammatical errors. This is not professionally written just by one of the people here at the company with an iPhone and a laptop. We can add journalist costs, or we can keep our 6×12 Bianco Carrara ‘C’ Grade at the same price it always has been $8.00SF. Never increased in price. As we refuse to add frills, all frills must end up at the product cost. We have asked customers, do you want perfect blogs, excellently written?  Or do you want perfect marble at incredible prices? The answer always seems to be we would rather pay $8.00SF over $9.00SF any day. We’ll look at the pictures and turn a blind eye to some of the grammar 🙂

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