$17.95 a Square Foot Glass Arabesque Mosaic Tile

Brillaiant White Glass Arabesque Mosaic

Brilliant White Arabesque Tile $17.95 a Square Foot thru January 2016.  Most sheets in the market today are far smaller than a square foot. Our objective is always to try and get it to the square foot or higher.  This sheet is a Square Foot.  So it is $17.95 a Square Foot. No Gimmicks or games.

Ocean Gray Arabesque Logo$17.95 a Square Foot Ocean Gray Arabesque Mosaic Tile available online from The Builder Depot no Gimmicks or games premium glass mesh backed mosaic tiles at great prices.

Glass Arabesque Spec Sheet

Each Glass Piece on this Arabesque can be summarized from the drawing above.  This is on a mesh for ease of installation.

162.2mm in Height = 6.4 Inches in Height

137.3mm in Width = 5.4 Inches in Width

So lets review some of the competition and then be shocked 🙂

Glass Tile Tricks

This is so confusing someone check my math! It is in my opinion advertised at one price but actually sold at another?  This is probably just a big company. They trusted the 3rd party who uploaded it*. It could be the people in charge are so far detached from the front line they cannot see any mistakes.

*I have to guess because I am just sent a screen shot of the product, all the company information is removed.  This is done so I make unbiased views and not upset anyone.

So why is this happening? The Mistake is just a mistake in my opinion. But why are companies higher than us if this is $33.99? Different business model. Because the leaders are too far away from the front line?  Have already done an IPO? Now less involved? Taken the cash windfall  and just quit to a desert island.  There are endless possibilities without knowing the business

Most likely there are too many lines who can know them all? I do not know, I am guessing, (I was just passed this picture with all company information removed, as I ask for this to be done, so I can make a blog about the product screenshot without any bias). I am not this company and would never presume to judge. One thing is fair, once you have millions of products, let’s just assume they do the site looks to be on a platform that would cost a few hundred thousand, there is no way to be 100% accurate on all of them. We can struggle with just 2,000 products and customers occasionally point out where we have put honed instead of polished.  So I am definitely not throwing stones in glass houses.

My point is not the price error but either price is this is either $24.15 or $33.99 a Square Foot, we are a lot lower at $17.95 a Square Foot and Free Shipping.

You may be thinking….”Our Glass Arabesque is not one of those if it is too good to be true”.  It really is the correct price and quality.  Glass kiln fused back and 8mm thick. We simply earn a whole lot less and do more with less people.

If my math is correct and the competition is selling a very similar product for $33.99 a Square Foot. To get to their high price point…. someone is buying from someone who is buying from someone, who has no idea of costs (most likely this). Or a multi-distribution chain with loads of middlemen or the seller sees this as an opportunity to make a significant margin off a new product that has only entered the market in summer 2015.  Or we are just priced extremely low 🙂

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