$17.95SF Arabesque Glass Tile Arrives

Ocean Gray and Brilliant WhiteIt has finally arrived just a quick picture as it is a very busy day. These are the only two colors we will stock for 2015 and just $17.95 a Square Foot thru the end of March 2015 or while stocks last 🙂

We currently offer in 2 colors Ocean Gray and Brilliant White. The price is a short term promotion (prices valid thru March 2015). This is a mesh backed mosaic for ease of installation.

Brilliant White ArabesqueBuy White Glass Tile Arabesque here: $17.95 a Square Foot Shop Now

Glass Arabesque Spec Sheet

Specification sheet for Glass Tile Arabesque Mesh Mosaic

Or view entire collection here of Brilliant Glass Tiles, with trims and field tiles all designed to match and FREE SHIPPING!

While the promotion is short term the quality is excellent, we just want our customers to try it get it into the market and for that we are prepared to make very little margin. If you buy at this price then you have made a great deal as this is 8mm premium glass tile the thickest of the glass tile with a kiln fused back like all our other glass tiles. It will be your Instagram pictures, your word-of-mouth and referrals that grow our business we are 50-60% referral based growth.

How can we do this. Well this is two areas marketing and of course our always strategy of “No Frills Marketing” this is not going to be in a magazine. The image above is an iPhone in our warehouse, costs. No marketing experts here (not even a proof reader so again I apologize for the grammar in the blog).

You will not read about it in Home and Garden on one of our ads (they are welcome to write about it).  All our strategy is on price, quality and people which translates into service.  Do more with less and hard work, a novel concept I know 🙂

glass-tiles1Just to help with how the Ocean Gray and Brilliant white look together here they are as tiles ($9.95SF). Part of the Glass Tile collection.


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