Carrara Venato is White based and White is Hot!

Carrara Venato 2x2%22 HexagonCarrara Venato 2″ Hexagon Honed Mosaic Tile¬†$10.95 a Square Foot available in polished as well and sizes from 1″ to 5″ in size ūüôā

Then sometimes you just want that white base. You have been to the showrooms seen the CD low grade Carrara or even ‘C’ grade and that is not what you had in mind, you want that Calacatta white but the price is prohibitive. We have the answer you need our exclusive line Carrara Venato.

Venato HexagonThe power of a simple

I like the mix of marble and Ceramic

Calacatta 1x1 Hexagon¬†Use the Calacatta 1×1″ Hexagon honed or polished $17.95 a Square Foot and Free Shipping (thru March 2016) and then a classic 3×6″ Ceramic on the wall which we have for $2.95SF and Free Shipping. I love the simplicity, you can really go with honed or polished on the floor, it is the grout that provides the traction (or friction coefficient if we want to use the real name) not the stone, big misconception. ¬†Go with what you want.

How do you get your Brilliant White so White?

Believe me it is not the detergent (they are always seem to be showing ads or commercials about white, whites). ¬†So thought I would just throw that in ūüôā

What makes Brilliant White glass Tiles so white is a great question.  I have looked on and on the internet and it seems that people are really struggling with this, it really is sad. I see a lot of questions and concerns online.  So as someone with decades of glass tile experience and having worked on the floor above a glass tile kiln I thought I might share.

Let me take you on a little journey though my brief history to explain why Brilliant white glass tile is so Brilliant white. So that when it goes on a bloggers well known site with tens of ...

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Black Friday

Sorry! ¬†It is not going to load. It is a¬†Gimmick ūüôā¬†We always sell at the best possible price everyday, not just on one day of the Year. I am going to have to¬†Wikipedia¬†who came up with this¬†Black Friday malarkey.

Our Business is always, always going to stick to the principles in our about us section, do more with less and put customers, quality before profit. ¬†We are not a corporation owned by the stock market that will have not¬†have to publish it’s Black Friday sales numbers of CNBC or Fox Business. ¬†Like so many are forced to do today to keep their share price up.

All about the stock price (which brings me to the separate conflict, the job of the big store CEO of a public company is to maximize profit, by law.  So how does ...

White Oak Marble Trims, Mosaics and More

White Oak Marble 1x3At last! ¬†I have been waiting for this 1×3″ Herringbone in White Oak Marble for $12.95 a Square Foot and Free Shipping¬†(maybe extend it into Jan – please accounting).

You can see the difference in the price from current mosaics and Free shipping is a real bonus. The price from our current Basketweave that has a bevel (which is not easy on a floor underfoot). I like some things rounded and the 3D must add some design cost. But it does seem a rather expensive OTT option. Here is the 3D Basketweave. (that price knocks me over every time, actually I can no longer look at it, it is over $20+).

For people who want a Basketweave option with 3D then great ...

Carrara Bianco 12×24" Honed – this just arrived!

Carrara Bianco C Grade Italian Marble

Pictures from Italy finished and packed. ¬†Sometimes it is nice to see it from Italy on a sunny day. ¬†This is just before it is wrapped up and sent on over. ¬†This is the honed version of our 12×24″ also available in polished for $9.95 a square foot, for all the professionals out their they know that the tile is on white polystyrene boxes (really white), and you can see the base color of the “C” grade against it. ¬†Do you see how perfect that is. ¬†What an incredible lot. ¬†How long will it last in stock? Not long ūüôā

It is $9.95 a Square Foot if you can find ...

New website look coming along…. (but just a draft)

Cleaner Checkout

We are working on creating a new look for our website. Everything is the same just the look will be cleaner, trying to cover the fact that shipping is 100% guranteed safety. The black on our site will disappear. This is all part of the new 5 acre pick and pack complex that is being built for us in Alpharetta, GA. It is designed to work better with UPS Freight and improve efficiency. ¬†The more efficient the more savings we can pass along or at the very least avoid any increases ūüôā


BD_MeettheTeam_PROOFcThe site will be more ...

Carrara Venato Honed Basketweave Mosaic Floor and Wall Tile

Carrara Venato Basketweave

Carrara Venato 1×2″ Basketweave Honed Mosaic Tile $10.95 a Square Foot and Free Shipping (prices good thru April 2016) available in Honed and Polished.

With all the designs and shapes today. Sometimes it is just a classic that is the best choice. Only $10.95 a Square Foot available in Honed and Polished and one of the best ...

Recent Review and Thank you!

Customer Review

This review (so I wanted to share) came through the other day (we are actually the only 5 out of 5 star seller in the USA of marble tile) which when you read this and the effort Ben in customer service went to you can see why.  It was not a small purchase either in the thousands of dollars so I can see why the customer would be apprehensive.

You can send an email to¬†or call the sales team a call 800-308-9359 from 9am to 4pm EST (if you are not sure either). They can help. The world of e-commerce is a tricky one. There are as with everything good guys and bad guys. We are the good guys ūüôā and proud to be so.

We have set our business with clear ...