Carrara Venato and how well it goes together between formats

Venato Concept BoardCarrara Venato Collection Basketweave $10.95SF and Free Shipping thru April 2016.

This is the beauty of Venato. It is not as busy as the Carrara Bianco Collection but if you are going for a complex design of mixing sizes in the we have 6×12″ for $8.00 Sq.Ft. running into 8×16″ honed for $8.95 Sq.Ft. then you have an Arabesque Chair rail, pencil and $10.95 Sq.Ft. Free Shipping Basketweave (thru April 2016 -crazy right…  2016, where is my flying car).  Then involve us and call. As this takes selecting lots to make sure it has a base match especially is you are going for Bianco, Venato is a breeze!

The Beauty of this Trademarked exclusive Carrara Venato collection with around 100 different products of one stone collection is not just the price (which we keep low) as we control the supply chain making it 3-4 times more efficient and you will understand more how with the new website (we have some supply chain wizards on our team). But the way it all goes together with ease.  The base color is the same. You can see it on the room scenes better.

That for me has always been one of the key characteristics of the Venato Collection. Its consistency. We select it from a set range and it has to fit in that range to be cut and go into the collection (simple really). We have been on quite a good run through 2013 to 2015 where we have hit a sweet spot in the mountain and it has yielded great results.  With 12 months plus of product in stock we know we are good for sometime yet to go. Let us hope it continues.

Having said (or blogged all that).  It is a finite product so it in time it will end, it will run out or fall out of the range the yield will change and that will result in any number of things to compensate, once upon a time Thassos marble was $10 a Square Foot. But is now running out.

 For now we have just been investing as much as we can in stock (crazy levels according to the bank people) but as we have no debt and own every square foot, their are no terms s they have no control and cannot impose inventory levels.  We just as they say “make hay while the sun shines”.  In this case produce great marble while the mountain provides it 🙂

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