We are closed for Thanksgiving and the Friday!

Thanksgiving war

I was not aware there was a war on Thanksgiving. But I have been working 12+ hours a day for years so may have missed a few things 🙂

I thought everyone had some time off. Perhaps employees are getting double pay, triple pay or they get to have two days of of their choice off on another day, I cannot judge without the facts. But it is rather difficult to make people work.

But The Builder Depot will be closed on Thursday 26th and 27th from a warehouse and office perspective.  As we ship with UPS and UPS is closed, so we cannot pack if it will not ship. The website will still work. As it does not seem to like Turkey and the gravy is super bad for it 🙂

Orders can be placed and will be shipped in receiving order on Monday the 30th of November.

As usual one of us will be checking the emails to make sure you know your email has been received and we are/will be working full speed on it Monday the 30th of November. Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Have a great time with friends, family and loved ones.

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