Glass Subway Tile $9.95 a Square Foot and Free Shipping

Premium 8mm Glass Subway Tiles

I just love this picture, and I took it with a cell phone 🙂

Glass Subway Tile $9.95 a Square Foot & Free Shipping (thru 2015)

We are not photographers, it was a sunny morning at the warehouse today. But some tiles together and took this with an iPhone. I like the White it just shows how white it truly is. That is the challenge, you have to use a Virgin glass. Then kiln fire the glass tiles. Ensure they are 8mm thick and then you have checked all the boxes.  How can the competition compete?  Most likely thinner (so look out for that).  That is the only really way (other than not using a kiln), we could make this as a 6mm tile and take off a $1.00SF, perhaps $2.00SF, but why, why not go for the best at what is already an incredible price!

We have this in 2×4″, 3×6″, 4×8″ and 4×12″ along with trims on our collection page here.  All the tile are $9.95 a Square Foot and Free Shipping for 2015.  For an iPhone and a sunny morning, this was not a bad photo.

So the glass situation is really simple. It is a man made product. It is made a couple of ways the best is ours and mostly others today which is kiln fused backer and then the white glass should be made from virgin glass tiles.  So why is everyone else so much more?  Because people keep paying for it, and not everyone knows about us.

Do you know who once said “I like paying 50% more for the exact same product?” No-one, ever 🙂

Will we keep it going or join the $15 crowd, not sure, it really depends if it continues grows as a line then we know the consumer is getting looking, doing homework. If people are willing and actually prefer paying $15.00 a Square Foot because they feel better about doing that, then we have to do what the consumer wants.  But I think our customers are on the same wavelength. Make it the best you can and do not be greedy on selling it.

Still like this picture, can you believe an iPhone got this.  Amazing.

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