Borders are great finishing touch to any bathroom

Bardiglio Basketweave Honed Mosaic Border

Finishing touches this is Bardiglio Gray and Carrara Venato Basketweave border for $11.95 each and free shipping.  It is the borders and edge pieces that make the room.  These individual pieces make a room pop and it need not be this complicated it can just be a 1×12″ Bardiglio strip that is an accent for $5.45 each.

Bardiglio 1x12%22 liner

1×12″ Bardiglio strip liner just $5.45 each available in Honed and Polished from our Bardiglio Gray collection. We want you to use these pieces that is why they are not crazy prices. They make a marble bathroom an “incredible” marble bathroom and introduce a “wow” factor and then people will ask, where did you buy this from.  That is our advertising. Not putting pictures in Home and Garden for $500,000 (that is how much it costs) and then having to add that cost to the product and having change $50.00 a square foot (but all marketing costs can only be recovered oneway through the product that is being sold, it cannot be recovered through donations).  Word of mouth is our strategy.  Granted it is slower, significantly slower.  But a no frills marketing strategy means, well, no marketing our customers are our marketing.  Thank goodness we are not selling cakes, our marketing would be eaten 🙂

Carrara Bianco 2

This is a great example from one of our customers using our Nero Marquina Collection strips to make a floor “pop” with Bianco 2″ Hexagon Polished Mosaic Tile for $11.75SF and Free Shipping (Price valid thru 2015)

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