Carrara Bianco Venatino 12×24" Marble Tile $7.95SF

Carrara Bianco Venatino 12x24 Marble Tile

Trial Price for Carrara Venatino $7.95 a Square Foot this is picture here shows honed. It is an incredible looking Italian 12×24″ marble tile we also have it in 12×12″ honed for $6.95 a Square Foot.

We purchased a few crates to test the market with our factory in Italy as such it has a price on it of just $7.95 a Square Foot.

Carrara Venatino an incredible stone. Not found often in tiles generally sold as slabs due to its high cost and certainly very few mosaics. It’s base is whiter than traditional Carrara Bianco. On a scale chart you would have Carrara “D” which would have a very gray base, then “CD” where the base is lighter (this is what is primarily sold everywhere) and then in the Bianco family you have “C” grade which is what we sell in our collection the lightest gray base you can get.  Then lighter than that you either (switch to Venato with a lot less veining) or if you still want the veining you would need Venatino.

Venatino Marble with Bianco CD on Top copy

This image shows the difference between Carrara CD Marble and Venatino Marble Tile 12×24″

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