Carrara Venato Honed 2×3" Wide Basketweave Bardiglio Gray Dot

Venato Bardiglio Honed Wide Basketweave

We love Basketweave it is such a wonderful looking product and we want to stock every possibility.  This is our Venato Wide Basketweave for $11.75 a Sheet (we have had the same wide Basketweave Bianco honed in stock for the last 12 months and it has proved popular).  This brings the number of Basketweave options to over forty choices. I would like to see sixty with Blue dots, Greek Thassos and other options.

Please note – these pics are taken by just me and my iPhone at the back of the warehouse – so I apologize for the quality. Low cost marketing = Lower priced products & Higher Quality product. I would rather the money went back into the quality of the product than into a photographers company. I also think it keeps it real, you can see the lid has just been taken of the crate.  We have opened a box and took the picture on top of the pallet of the product.

Venato Bardiglio Wide Basketweave Polished

Another image and crate showing the Venato wide Basketweave with the Italian Bardiglio Gray dot, you can see the consistency between the two crates. Available in Honed and Polished for $11.75 a sheet. It is just so bright and white that it creates a room with such a different look to that of the classic Bianco Honed wide Basketweave.  Both are great looks. (The Venato wide basketweave is also available with the Nero Marquina Black dot for $11.75 a sheet in Honed and Polished).

Basketweave Bardiglio Gray Dot Border

Considering a border. Then consider it Bardiglio Gray for $11.95 Each in Venato Honed and Polished

2 thoughts on “Carrara Venato Honed 2×3" Wide Basketweave Bardiglio Gray Dot”

  1. The wide basket weave is awesome! I am going to order it. Are you thinking about getting a wide dogbone pattern anytime soon? Saw it at the tile, it’s truly amazing. Please let me know if you are, thank you!

    1. Good morning Morgan,

      Thank you for your comments. We have a list of nearly 100 types of different Basketweave, the Dogbone wide is on the list, but probably will not happen until 2016/17. Wish we had it now!

      Thank you
      The Builder Depot

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