Carrara Bianco Polished 12×12" Marble Tile

Carrara Bianco 12x12" Marble TileOn the left is the Competition and their ‘CD’ grade of Carrara Marble. On the right is our ‘C’ Grade Bianco Carrara 12×12″ Polished Marble Tile

Both of these marble tiles are from Italy.  At the Builder Depot we select our blocks before cutting them into 12×12″.  For our 12×12″ we select only ‘C’ grade and we look for the lightest possible base and clarity of veining.  There is no comparison between a Premium ‘C’ grade and a ‘CD’ grade Italian Carrara, it is like comparing two completely different products.

I am assuming you are here as you are considering using Carrara in your home, most likely a bathroom.  Knowledge is the key to making any good choice, an informed choice.  When buying Carrara the whiter based clearer veined blocks are the most sought after.  They are harder to find in the mountain and the demand worldwide is greater.  Once you embark on this journey you will soon find out that Carrara has different price points and that price point is reflected by its appearance and quality.

The ‘CD’ grade of Carrara is very common, it is your ‘Home Center’ Grade, it is sold online for $6.50SF or perhaps $7.50SF and Free Shipping, it is a murkier darker tile.  The premium is the ‘C’ grade, this is sold in high end tiles retailers for $50 to $60.00 a square foot and hardly ever sold online.  This is the Manhattan multi-million dollar condo bathroom Carrara, the “I wish I had not seen this blog as I was just about to pay $6.50SF for a 12×12 tile, now I want this Carrara”.

Through your journey, over time, you will become a Connoisseur of marble.  You will see and understand the differences. You will then have a choice to make on the quality of marble you buy.  We have had the same journey and made a choice too.  Our choice is to pay Italy more and get the premium product.  We do not want the murky dark Gray tile.  You may come to the same conclusion 🙂

This particular lot of 12×12″ Bianco polished is exceptional.  ‘C’ grade has different levels too and this is on the premium end of the spectrum.  An incredible lot.  What makes this lot exceptional?  It is a) Light base (but this is to be expected from ‘C’ grade) b) Clear veining and c) level of veining, not too much but just enough.  We will call this lot of 12×12″ polished: “November Perfection“.  Please or call 800-308-9359 with any questions.

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