Calacatta 3×6" Honed $14.95SF

Calacatta 3x6" HonedCalacatta 3×6″ Honed Subway Tile just $15.95 square foot

A nice collection of 3×6″ Honed arrived last month.  Unfortunately only 2,500SF arrived and now by the time I am finally getting around to writing this post there is only 782SF left in stock.  It has a nice look.  Not too much veining just the right amount.  The quarry has taken the time to mix and blend these crates well.  The pictures we provide are very simply done.  We just lift the lids off the crates as they come in.  Here you can see a crate then we simply pull out some tiles from a box and lay it on the boxes.  Then snap 🙂

We are receiving more Calacatta 3×6″ Honed in March (this is just an estimate as it is still in production).  Once that shipment arrives we will get pictures of it and post on the blog.

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