Our Warehouse

Our Warehouse – Spring 2014

Our Warehouse DocksOur warehouse is not very exciting.  Just loading docks.

Truck turnaround areaLooking out from the loading dock the back is just trees.  The large concrete area is for the large trucks (or crazy drivers) to be able to turnaround and backup to the loading docks.

Driveway to the officeWhat is pretty is the landscaping around the office

Drive up hill to warehouseA lot of it is just natural features that have been left there from what was a huge horse farm in Alpharetta

Exit out of OfficeWhen you pull out of the office/warehouse you see trees and fences that have been left behind from the horse farm days

Drive to and from officeThis road is one of my favorites.  You cannot get the full idea from this picture.  I am leaning out of my car at the stop sign (so safe).  This road is a half a mile of beautiful trees either side of the road.  In the summer it forms a shaded canopy.  When riding bikes it is such a relief in the summer to get this shade.

5910 Shiloh Road East, Alpharetta, GA.  The Builder Depot is located in what was Shiloh Farms.  A horse farm.  The area we work in is beautiful really is pretty with all the different colored trees in spring.  We chose this location for a few reasons.  #1. It is safe. #2. Our employees do not have to fight traffic to get downtown (while the traditional warehouse location is South Atlanta, Fulton Industrial we chose North, GA) which has a number of health benefits. #3. You can open the back dock door and hear the birds chirping, in South Atlanta it was always police sirens.  There are other reasons but these are close to the top. In short we wanted to work in a place that you would feel safe.  Where customers picking up product would feel safe. Work surroundings are an important part of employee moral, it transfers into every area of business. Working in the countryside/suburbs of Georgia does not automatically make a perfect business but for the people that work at The Builder Depot it is a step in the right direction. In summer when the canopy of trees is complete I will take some more pictures.  Our customers are from all over the world so I  wanted to create this blog to give everyone an idea of where we work and where the product ships from.  Any questions as always please let us know questions@thebuilderdepot.com.

Same road 3 weeks later the tree canopy is complete

Driving to WorkYou can now see (April 25th – 3 wks after the pictures above how much the tree canopy has grown.  It is great in Summer a real break from the heat streaming into the car.  Just wait a little in the shade and your car can cool down ten degrees in seconds.  The trees are just spectacular.  This is just my trusty iPhone taking this image but the quality is excellent.

Birds eye view of location and directions

Birds Eye ViewThank you Google for your great imagery

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