Carrara Venato Square Edge Trim Honed

Square Edge Carrara Venato TrimSquare Edge honed trim perfect for a shower step

Honed Square Edge Carrara Venato TrimPerhaps even the corner of a wall

Square Edge Carrara Venato Trim


Square Edge Trim SpecsSpecification of the Square Edge

This month a new trim arrived.  It is a trial product for us and we will see how it goes.  We see this as a finishing piece to a bathroom.  The main part of our business is complete bathrooms.  Our average order size is 230 to 350SF square feet.  Made up of tiles and mosaics.  This trim is aimed at these customers, the complete bathroom customer.  The type of customer where we have to ship the order on a pallet.  The amount of product ordered creates a lot of weight which increases the stability of the shipment (not going to move on the truck).

The major issue we see with this product is with shipping it.  This product cannot ship on it’s own UPS ground.  It will be broken.  It can only ship on a crate with a tile order of 100SF+.  Also it is ordered in sets of two.

Here are answers to some questions (when we refer to ‘we’ this is you the customer):

Why do we need 100SF plus?  We need the weight of the tile to hold the pallet in place on the truck.

Why do we need to order two pieces at a time?  They interlock into each other creating a square end.  They are weak on their own, strong together.  They will ship perfectly in sets of two.  They made it all the way over the rocky Ocean this way.  They can make it via truck on a pallet or in a wooden crate.

What if I order two and I realize I need two more?  Too bad, really – we cannot ship it to you.  It will break.  This is a one shot deal when you order your shipment.

I ordered 200SF for a bathroom, but did not order this.  Can it ship UPS ground?  No it cannot, how could we get it to you?  UPS will throw it, they will break it.  Then you will need us to ship you more.  This will happen over and over again.  It is no possible.  Has to ship on a pallet.  And that pallet needs weight to stop it shifting.

I really, really need this what can be done?  There are a couple of options a) You collect it from our warehouse in Alpharetta. b) The product is 36″ long.  You ship to us a cardboard box or a form of packaging you want this shipped in, including any packaging materials.  You detail how you want it packed.  You send UPS label.  Then order.  Then we are out of the loop, so when UPS throws your package and breaks the marble – you can file a claim with UPS for the product yourself.  By the way filing a claim with UPS is pretty much impossible, they make it this way so they do not have to pay for any claims.  Once you are put in the position we are in of how you ship a piece of this, I think you would conclude the same as us, it is not possible, unless on a pallet/in a crate.

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