Perfect Carrara Bianco

Perfect Bianco 12x24" Carrara TilePerfect Carrara Bianco 12×24″ Polished • Carrara Bianco 12×12″ Polished • Chair Rail • Baseboard • Basketweave Border

Of course as the mountain sometimes spits out Gray marble (which we reject – this happens quite often) it occasionally comes out with utter perfection.  This particular lot would be in our opinion A++ the very best.  It cannot get better.  The veining is clear, there is enough of it but not too much.  I love with the 12×24″ piece on the right.  The 12×12″ is equally as good, but the warehouse dock is open on the right and as the light comes in it highlights the perfection of the marble.

If this was a diamond it would be in the VVS2 sector of extremely rare.  In the USA if we complied all the 12×24″ polished and graded them on clarity of veining (so it has to be clear cannot be a haze all over) and base color this 12×24″ would represent 0.25% of the entire USA 12×24″ available at this very moment.

Why is that?  A good question.  To be candid it costs more.  We pay an additional $1 to $2SF for this 12×24″ and 12×12″, we do not add that cost on.  We do it because we want to see the best Italy has to offer.  This is a piece of art.  On a wall in the correct home with visitors, this will become a huge advertising banner for our website.  People will be asking for this 12×24″ dated on the blog February 10th 2014 for months to come.  But traditional companies will not buy this, they will not pay the additional cost.

I am going to keep two pieces in my office.  I believe of all the thousands of pallets of Bianco 12×24″ we will get this year, they will be excellent, but this will just hold a fractional edge.  It will be interesting to see.  For us it is a contest, what can we get from Italy that can top this in 2014?

If you would like this particular lot of 12×12″ Bianco polished and 12×24″ Bianco polished (also available in honed), please email us and reference this blog.  You will have to provide the date, please do not say the Carrara post you did – so many people do, that does not help 🙂

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