Getting a Wood Tile product Quote


#1 To start you need to be on the wood Tile product page.  Then select the particular product

shows500SF min

#2. In this case we have chosen the Redwood Mahogany (Note the wood tile has a min order of 500SF.  The min order is set in place by the manufacturer to sell at our low prices)


#3.  The page really shows how it works.  The Unit on measure is shown as square feet.  You add the quantity in square feet into the quantity box.  Then click “Add to cart”.

3000sf added#4.  We have chosen a quantity of 3,000SF and then you click the “Add to Cart” Button

afterclicking add to cart#5.  The floating cart gives the total and then you click “checkout”.  You can see the shipping cost, but do not panic at this point 🙂

Actual Quote showing too high#6.  After hitting add to cart you go to the shopping cart page.  You can see with 3,000SF the shipping cost is too high.  But it is okay, we will adjust the shipping option to flat rate, so please click “checkout”.

showshowto get to flat rate#7.  On the checkout page go to the “shipping option” and then select which one works best for you. Flat rate residential we have chosen which is just $325.00.

Showsflatrate325#8.  So now you can see the shipping and total cost has changed once clicking apply.  After this point.  Click checkout.  Fill in your shipping details and then payment.  The order will ship and you will be emailed tracking.





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