Container Ship with Italian Marble Arrives

The MSC (Mediterranean Shipping Company) Vessel arrived into Savannah on Tuesday

The MSC has so far bought the largest container vessel ever into the port of Savannah holding 9,200 shipping containers.  We were all hoping our containers are not at the bottom.  Fortunately according to sources they are not and as of Wednesday were in the process of clearing customs.

Not our trucks – but they will have to drive through these Radiation Detectors

The container will then be loaded onto a truck and drive through a pair of giant radiation detectors (above) designed to sniff out any nuclear threats.  In the good old days (prior 9/11) the nations 4th largest port did not even have a fence around it.  The marshlands around the port were considered enough of a barrier that port officials decided it did not need any additional security.  Not so today radiation detectors are just one of the many levels designed to keep us safe.

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