Bianco Basketweave Border and Subway Tile

(Picture time: to start some 3×6″ a box of Basketweave and Basketweave Border)  Bianco Carrara Basketweave packaging.  Basketweave Border and 3×6″ Carrara Subway Tile.

Carrara Bianco Basketweave Border and Carrara Bianco 3×6″ Subway Tile

Another Angle (June 29th shipment)

And another.

As the Bianco Carrara Basketweave border arrived yesterday we took the opportunity armed with a Samsung cell phone to get some snaps.  Some of the nicest Carrara we have ever bought had.  Seems almost a shame to sell it.  Certainly we will be keeping some of it for ourselves.

Another interesting point is that we are the only online retailer that actually takes pictures of our product.  You will note when looking at our competitors sites that they just keep repeating the same old image.  When you go to their blogs of which most have less than ten posts they are all just verbiage.  Never a picture, not a single one.  I wonder why?  Do you think it is because:

a) They are so happy with their product that they wish to keep it a secret?

b) The product is actually inferior quality and a picture would show it to be dull and without and clarity of veining (almost dare we say it Turkish marble)?

It is pretty easy and does not take up a lot of time to take images.  We feel it is important to the customer.  What they see is what they get, actually due to the fact the pictures are taken with a cell phone what they get is better.  Any questions, comments or interest buying from this lot please email (call this June 29th shipment) us at

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