Packaging of Mosaics

Each Box of Mosaic from The Builder Depot Bianco Carrara Collection is packed in high quality card and shrink wrapped for protection.  Each box is designed to hold just 5SF making the product lighter and easy to manage for the consumer.

Between each mosaic is a protective plastic sheet to ensure the mosaic on top does not scratch the one underneath.

We are often asked, how is the product packaged.  The mosaic’s in Bianco Carrara are packed in boxes of 5SF (five square feet).  The boxes are shrink wrapped and a small window to make certain what is shipped out is what is ordered.  We are not simply shipping loose tile, we have taken great care to select and cut only the best blocks of Italian marble.  It makes sense that the packaging should shown equal consideration.  It is just another way in which differentiates itself as a supplier of premium Italian stone.

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